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Revising the meaning of “prion”

A team of Whitehead Institute and Stanford University scientists are redefining what it means to be a […]

Tiny alpaca-derived antibodies point to targets preventing viral infection

Whitehead Institute scientists have determined how to use alpaca-derived, single-domain antibody fragments (also called VHHs or nanobodies) […]

Scientists identify metabolic pathway mutations in follicular lymphoma

A team of researchers from Whitehead Institute and Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) have identified in […]

Scientists discover essential amino acid sensor in key growth-regulating metabolic pathway

Whitehead Institute scientists have at last answered the long-standing question of how the growth-regulating pathway known as […]

Hydrogen peroxide induces signals that link the mitochondrial respiratory chain to specific cellular pathway

Hydrogen peroxide does much more than bleach hair or disinfect wounds. In cells, it induces signaling that […]

Rudolf Jaenisch photo

Jaenisch lab develops tool that allows scientists to monitor DNA changes in individual cells

Whitehead Institute researchers have developed a methodology to monitor changes in DNA methylation over time in individual […]

Variations in cell programs control cancer and normal stem cells

In the breast, cancer stem cells and normal stem cells can arise from different cell types but […]

The scenic route: Newest Whitehead Fellow Silvi Rouskin followed an unconventional path to Cambridge

Spend a little time with Silvi Rouskin and it quickly becomes apparent that she’s a perfect fit […]