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Engineers design programmable RNA vaccines against ebola, influenza

MIT and Whitehead Institute scientists have developed a new type of easily customizable vaccine that can be […]

Today at 2 p.m. EST: Stream NASA news conference with astronaut and former Whitehead Fellow Kate Rubins

Whitehead Fellow turned astronaut Kate Rubins will appear in a NASA news conference today at 2 p.m. […]

Susan Lindquist profiled in the latest issue of The Scientist magazine

Fearless about Folding By Anna Azvolinsky | January 1, 2016 The Scientist As a junior faculty member […]

Kate Rubins photo

Former Whitehead Fellow Kate Rubins Will Conduct Research on the International Space Station

NASA Astronaut Kate Rubins, wearing a training version of her Extravehicular Mobility Unit, awaits the start of […]

Susan Lindquist elected to UK’s Royal Society

The UK’s Royal Society recently announced that it has elected Whitehead Institute’s Susan Lindquist as a Foreign […]

Rudolf Jaenisch featured in TIME magazine

In the wake of newly published research on CRISPR gene editing of human embryos, Whitehead Founding Member […]

David Page talks human genome on WGBH radio

Whitehead Director David Page spoke with WGBH radio about the significance of the sequencing of the human […]

Whitehead Founding Member Bob Weinberg featured on NPR and PBS

Whitehead Founding Member Bob Weinberg weighs in on the war on cancer on NPR’s series Living Cancer.  […]