Please join us for “Unraveling the Genome: Gene Misregulation in Cancer and Other Human Diseases”

Abe WeintraubNovember 12 in NYC: “Unraveling the Genome: Gene Misregulation in Cancer and Other Human Diseases”

Please join us for a special presentation and cocktail reception on Thursday, November 12 at 6:00 pm at Bonhams on Madison Ave with Abe Weintraub, a scientist in Rick Young’s lab.


About the Speaker
Abe Weintraub is a graduate student in the Department of Biology at MIT conducting his thesis research in the laboratory of Whitehead member Richard Young. He is researching a fundamental problem in human biology—how the spatial and structural constraints of DNA folding control gene expression during human development and disease.

The human genome consists of two meters of DNA that is packaged inside a cell nucleus six microns in diameter, the equivalent of packing 24 miles of string within a tennis ball. The folding of DNA to fit in this space must follow principles that enable precise cellular control of genome function during human development. The Young lab has recently uncovered a fundamental principle of genome folding in human cells that is crucial for understanding the molecular mechanisms controlling gene activity. Weintraub believes that mapping the three-dimensional genome structure of normal and cancerous human cells will provide a foundation for understanding the impact of hereditary and somatic mutations on gene activity during normal development and in the growth of cancer.