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sabatini_youngCancer: Treating the ‘Untreatable’

A Whitehead Institute initiative targeting the deadliest cancers

Despite the much heralded success of novel targeted therapies, effective drugs for the most prevalent cancers simply do not exist. Each year, hundreds of thousands of patients with aggressive tumors of the lung, breast, ovary, pancreas, skin and blood, face their diseases with limited options for treatment. In some cases, the complexities of the tumor cells have evaded attempts to identify vulnerable targets, and in others, tumors exposed to existing therapeutics become drug-resistant.

Now, however, a research collaboration led by Whitehead Institute faculty members Richard Young and David Sabatini is poised to rewrite what for many patients has been a foregone conclusion. By combining today’s latest genetic screening and sequencing technologies, sophisticated disease modeling, and advances in medicinal chemistry, Young and Sabatini are identifying new mechanistic vulnerabilities, therapeutic targets, and compounds capable of taming even the most intractable cancers.

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