A Powerful Partnership Poised for Impact

Support from the Melanoma Research Alliance offers unique opportunity for co-sponsorship with Whitehead Institute

0106-MRAlogoWhitehead Institute Member Piyush Gupta recently received a Young Investigator Award from the Melanoma Research Alliance (MRA) in support of his studies on how malignant melanoma cells develop resistance to drugs that target tumors driven by mutations in the BRAF gene.

By identifying the molecular mechanisms through which cancer cells come to tolerate novel targeted therapies—known as BRAF inhibitors—Piyush believes it may be possible to intervene with additional therapeutics to maintain tumor response to BRAF-targeting drugs. It’s a critical pursuit because all melanoma patients treated with these drugs, even those who improve dramatically, eventually suffer recurrence.

The MRA Board of Directors has committed to funding Piyush’s research with collaborative sponsorship. Through the combined networks of the MRA and Whitehead Institute, we are seeking others interested in supporting Piyush’s pioneering work. Read more >

To learn more about this important funding opportunity, please contact Sonja Plesset at 617-258-5103 or splesset@wi.mit.edu.