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Since its inception in 1982, Whitehead Institute has been devoted to this singular mission. Today, our scientists need your help to ensure they have the resources they need to pursue the boldest questions in biology.  Your generous support helps accelerate the pace of research and discovery at Whitehead.  Please make your annual gift before the close of our fiscal year on June 30th.

The founding vision of Whitehead Institute was bold, the experiment grand:  Amass a peerless concentration of scientific talent under one roof and catalyze it with the resources and freedom to blaze new trails. The results have been profound.  Countless breakthroughs have transformed our fundamental understandings of biology and disease, and Whitehead laboratories continue to create vital intellectual capital in the form of companies and technologies. Most recently, Whitehead forged a partnership with Biogen Idec to collaborate on the discovery and development of novel therapies across a broad range of disease areas.

The collaboration—announced in March—presents a model for closer ties between academic and industry scientists as federal funding of fundamental scientific research continues to decline.

“We are excited for this opportunity to work with one of the premiere research institutions in the world to pioneer novel research, “ said Spyros Artavanis-Tsakonas, Chief Scientific Officer at Biogen Idec. “This collaboration demonstrates our joint commitment to finding ways to better understand the underlying biology of complex diseases, focusing on innovative initiatives where together we can drive new insights through cutting-edge research.”

Biogen Idec understands what you do: that Whitehead Institute’s potential to improve human health is vast. Your commitment to Whitehead’s high-impact, high-reward research – along with your generous philanthropy – will enable our scientists to realize that potential.

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