Photos from the 2013 Whitehead Colloquium

On October 5, Whitehead Institute was delighted to host the 19th annual Whitehead Colloquium. This year’s event was an enormous success: more than 130 supporters and friends turned out to hear from scientists about regeneration, cancer, Alzheimer’s, parasitic diseases and vaccine development, to tour Whitehead laboratories, and to enjoy cocktails with Whitehead Institute’s world-renowned researchers.

Whitehead Member Peter Reddien served as the morning keynote speaker. Peter’s presentation, “The Science of Regeneration,” outlined the history of regenerating organisms, and the benefit of using the planarian flatworm as a model for understanding this complicated process.  Following Peter’s morning keynote, two of our Whitehead Fellows, David Pincus and Sebastian Lourido, shared their latest research.  David provided insight on the inverse relationship between the presence of Alzheimer’s and cancer, due to the unique ways in which each disease processes protein folding in cells.  Sebastian explained how parasites invade our body, and how his lab is exploring ways to inhibit parasitic function.

After the morning presentations, attendees divided into small groups for a quintessential Whitehead Colloquium experience: lunch and one-on-one discussions with a researcher of their choosing, followed by personal tours and demonstrations in Whitehead’s laboratories. The afternoon keynote address was provided by Hidde Ploegh, who discussed his latest advances in immune system research and potential therapies in his talk entitled “The Logic of Your Immune System.”

The daylong program concluded with a lively cocktail reception set to a jazz trio.

The Whitehead Colloquium is held each fall at the Institute in Cambridge. If you missed this year’s event, but would like to learn more about other Whitehead events including next year’s Colloquium, we encourage you to contact Lauren Gilbert at (617) 258-5489 or for additional information.

Director David Page welcomes everyone to the 2013 Whitehead Colloquium.

Peter Reddien explains the advantages of the planarian flatworm as a research model for understanding regeneration.

BOA Member Hillel Bachrach poses a question to the presenter.

Whitehead Fellow David Pincus explains the role of chaperone proteins, which are integral to the process of protein folding in the development of cancer and Alzheimer’s.

Whitehead Fellow Sebastian Lourido explains his work on understanding parasitic diseases, including his recent discovery of the cellular mechanism which controls parasitic motility.

Following the morning presentations, attendees enjoyed lunch with Whitehead researchers followed by laboratory tours. Here, Heather Hoke from the Young Lab shows the results of her research to Eric Weinberger, BOA Member Samantha Schlumberger and Glen Wegner.

BOA Members Ellen Polaner and Allan Kleinman listen as Dorothea Maetzel from the Jaenisch lab explains her work with stem cells.

Whitehead Member Hidde Ploegh shares his insight into understanding the immune system in order to develop new vaccines and therapies for viruses and infection.

The newest addition to Whitehead’s faculty, Jing-Ke Weng with his wife, Mingli Ye, are pictured here with BOA Members Allan and Joan Klienman.

From left to right, BOA Members Andria Heafy, Carol Tobin, Paul Heafy and Arthur Brill enjoy cocktails together at the end of the day.

BOA Member Arthur Schleifer enjoys the cocktail reception with Whitehead Director David Page and his wife Elizabeth.