Meet the Postdocs of Whitehead Institute

We’re delighted to introduce a new microsite featuring Whitehead Institute’s talented postdoctoral researchers. Often unsung, these junior scientists are the backbone of our research community. We look to them for ambitious experimental designs and ultimately the ideas and breakthroughs that will shape the scientific paradigms of tomorrow.

For the third year in a row, Whitehead Institute was voted #1 in the “Best Places to Work: Postdocs” ranking by The Scientist magazine. This month, we showcase the first four postdocs in our series.

You’ll meet Batula Zaidi from Rudolf Jaenisch’s lab. She’s using new disease-modeling technologies to study epigenetic drivers of autism. In Richard Young’s lab, Lars Anders is employing his own innovative approach to uncover sites where cancer drugs interact with genes. Lucila Scimone’s work on tissue regeneration in flatworms being studied in Peter Reddien’s lab, is advancing our understanding of stem cell biology. Finally, Marc Mendillo, a postdoc in Susan Lindquist’s lab, is studying a transcription factor whose inhibition may prevent tumor growth and the progression of cancer.

In the coming months, we will introduce more postdocs. To read about the first four, click here.