Photos from the 2013 Whitehead Symposium

Many thanks to all who attended the 2013 Whitehead Symposium last week at the New York Yacht Club in Manhattan. More than 100 people turned out to attend the annual event, which featured presentations by Hazel Sive, David Sabatini and Robert Weinberg. Check out photos from the event below.

The Whitehead Symposium is held each May in New York City. If you missed this year’s event, but would like to learn more about other Whitehead events including next year’s Symposium, we encourage you to contact Lauren Gilbert at (617) 258-5489 or for additional information.

Whitehead Institute Member Hazel presents a talk entitled “Connections: Unexpected Paths to Conquering Human Disease.”

An expert in embryonic development, Dr. Sive discusses her research on the structural formation of the brain. Her work has contributed to our understanding of birth defects and numerous developmental disorders.

A young student poses a question to Dr. Sive

Following Dr. Sive’s talk, Whitehead Member David Sabatini discusses his studies of the mTOR pathway, which could one day be exploited to increase human lifespan.

Founding Member of Whitehead Institute Robert Weinberg updates attendees on recent breakthroughs in his cancer research. Dr. Weinberg studies cancer metastasis, progression and therapy resistance.

Barbara Joskow listens to the scientific presentations, which were held at the New York Yacht Club in Manhattan

Preceding the talks, Whitehead Symposium attendees had the opportunity to talk one-on-one with the researchers. Here, Allan Kleinman converses with Dr. Sive

Garey Ellis with Board of Associates Chair Letty Gochberg; Ellen Flug and Jon Zuckerman (left to right)

Lydia Canizares and Joel Kassimir

Allen Fay with Susan Posadas

Alison Andrews Reyes with Andrew Myerson

Alexis Sherman talks with Dr. Sabatini

Photo credit: Mark Bushy