May 4: Whitehead Symposium in New York City

2012 Whitehead Symposium poster

If you live in the New York-area, you no longer need to travel to hear firsthand about Whitehead Institute’s latest groundbreaking research.

We are thrilled to announce that the first “Whitehead Symposium” will be on Friday, May 4th at the New York Yacht Club in Manhattan. This half-day event will include a brief introduction to Whitehead and keynote presentations by Whitehead Institute Investigators Piyush Gupta, Rudolf Jaenisch and Yaniv Erlich.

Piyush will be discussing his latest efforts to understand how cancer spreads. In a recent landmark discovery, Whitehead researchers discovered that all tumor cells are not alike—some have the ability to resist therapy, move to other locations and generate secondary tumors. By studying these “cancer stem cells,” Piyush is revealing the cellular mechanisms by which cancer spreads and evades therapy.

Rudolf, one of the world’s leading researchers in stem cell and regenerative biology, will be presenting his latest breakthroughs in cellular reprogramming—the process of converting adult cells to induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells. Using iPS cells, Rudolf recently treated Parkinson’s disease in a rodent model; he is now working to duplicate this success in humans.

Yaniv will be presenting his study of the rare genetic variants or mutations occurring in individual human genomes. While these mutations are typically difficult and extremely costly to detect, Yaniv has developed a novel, highly efficient detection method referred to as compressed genotyping, which allows him to rapidly identify rare disease-causing genetic mutations—as well as to conduct large-scale screens for disease carriers.

This event is reserved for members of the Board of Associates and special invited guests; however, if you are interested in attending, we encourage you to contact Lauren Gilbert at (617) 258-5489 or for more information.

May 3: Kick-off presentation

at the home of BOA Members Ruth & James Scheuer

6:30 PM: Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres

7:15 PM: “A New Approach to Fighting Cancer” (Richard Young, PhD)

7:45 PM: Discussion moderated by Neil Chayet

Board of Associates members and their guests: join us for this special Whitehead Symposium kick-off presentation on the evening on May 3rd. show more info

May 4: Whitehead Symposium

at the New York Yacht Club

8:00 AM: Breakfast and Registration

8:30 AM: Introduction to Whitehead Institute

9:00 AM: “DNA Sudoku: Building a Catalogue of Jewish Genetic Diseases” (Yaniv Erlich, PhD)

9:45 AM: “Cancer Stem Cells: A New Target in the Fight Against Cancer” (Piyush Gupta, PhD)

10:30 AM: “The Future of Personalized Medicine” (Rudolf Jaenisch, MD)

11:15 AM: Coffee and conversation