Researchers attend Whitehead Institute Annual Scientific Retreat

Each fall, Whitehead Institute’s entire scientific community gathers in Waterville Valley, NH for the Annual Scientific Retreat—an opportunity for Whitehead’s scientists to discuss their latest research, exchange ideas and explore potential collaborations.

The weekend-long retreat features keynote presentations by each of Whitehead’s 16 Faculty Members and 2 Fellows on their latest and hottest research endeavors. (For example, Whitehead Member Iain Cheeseman presented his recent findings on the kinetochore, a protein structure that separates chromosomes during one of the body’s most important functions—cell division.)

In addition to talks by Faculty and Fellows, Whitehead postdocs and graduate students participate in various “poster sessions,” during which they present their work via posters in an auditorium full of their peers. The poster sessions provide a wonderful opportunity for all Whitehead scientists to learn about each other’s work in a dynamic and interactive way.

Whitehead Institute Annual Scientific Retreat poster sessions

Whitehead Institute researchers discuss their work during a poster session at the Annual Scientific Retreat

“The retreat is quintessentially Whitehead,” says Director David Page. “A major part of our success is bringing together world-class scientists from disparate backgrounds and with wildly divergent research focuses.  By putting them in one room for the whole weekend, we get them talking and thinking about major biological questions creatively and collaboratively, in ways that otherwise would not happen.”

This year’s retreat—the 28th annual—was held on the weekend of September 23rd.