Whitehead gets dedicated daycare center

Anyone who has tried to get daycare in Cambridge knows that it isn’t easy—there’s only a handful of options, and waiting lists are often years long.

But that’s no longer the case for Whitehead Institute employees.

Thanks to a partnership between Whitehead and the local daycare center Bright Horizons, Whitehead’s faculty, postdoctoral researchers and staff now have a dedicated daycare center—dubbed “Whitehead Institute at Bright Horizons”—located just a few minutes away.

The new daycare center is one of multiple initiatives aimed at supporting Whitehead’s postdocs, many of whom are balancing the beginning of their scientific careers with starting a family. “Whitehead Institute is relentlessly committed to recruiting and training exceptional young scientists,” says Director David C. Page. “That commitment means providing them with a first-class environment in which to train and learn—but it also means supporting them with excellent salary, healthcare benefits, career resources and now childcare.”

On June 1, the daycare center was formally renamed “Whitehead Institute at Bright Horizons.” The renaming ceremony is pictured below.

Michele Carmell, Whitehead Institute at Bright Horizons

Postdoctoral researcher Michelle Carmell talking with Associate Director of Human Resources Ellen Weiss, Associate Vice President Marianne Howard, and Director David Page

Brit d'Arbeloff and Director David Page, Whitehead Institute at Bright Horizons

Whitehead Institute Board of Directors Member Brit d'Arbeloff with Director David Page, cutting a ribbon to celebrate the opening of the new daycare center

Whitehead Institute at Bright Horizons opening ceremony

From left to right: Bright Horizon's Vice President of Client Services Nigel Birtwistle, Whitehead Board of Directors Member Brit d'Arbeloff, Whitehead Director David Page, Whitehead Board of Directors Member Susan Whitehead, and Bright Horizons President and Chief Operating Officer Mary Ann Tocio

Photo credit: Justin Knight, Whitehead Institute