Harvey Lodish presents his latest research to BOA members in NYC

On May 10th, more than 60 Board of Associates members and friends gathered at Letty and Tom Gochberg’s beautiful home in New York City for a presentation by Whitehead Institute Founding Member Harvey Lodish. Dr. Lodish presented his latest research on obesity and diabetes in a talk entitled, “New Developments in Diabetes Research: Brown Fat and Why You Want More of It.”

During his presentation, Dr. Lodish discussed two types of fat—brown fat and white fat. Brown fat, which he characterized as “good” fat, burns fatty acids to generate heat, whereas white, “bad” fat, stores fatty acids as fat. Most of our fats cells are white, so any excess fatty acids in our diets are typically stored rather than burned. Dr. Lodish’s findings (in addition to making us all want a little more brown fat) may be instrumental in treating obesity and diseases correlated with obesity such as diabetes and heart disease.

Following the presentation, guests enjoyed a lovely cocktail reception generously hosted by Letty Gochberg, Chair, Mid-Atlantic BOA Executive Committee.

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