Upcoming event: Join us on May 10th in New York City

On the evening of May 10, 2011, Whitehead Institute Founding Member Harvey Lodish, PhD, will discuss his latest breakthroughs in type II diabetes research in a presentation entitled, “New Developments in Diabetes Research: Brown Fat and Why You Want More of It.”  The evening will be hosted by BOA members Letty and Tom Gochberg in New York City. Letty chairs the Mid-Atlantic Executive Committee of the BOA.

Harvey Lodish, PhD, a Founding Member of Whitehead Institute, has been a mem­ber of the MIT Faculty since 1968. Dr. Lodish’s research areas include red blood-cell development, hematopoietic (blood-forming) stem cells, and the regulatory roles mi­croRNAs play in development and function of muscle cells, fat cells, and several types of blood cells. On May 10th, he will present his latest work in microRNAs, which has shed new light on our understanding of fat cells, resulting in important implications for the treatment of obesity and type II diabetes.

For more information about attending the event or to learn more about the Board of Associates (BOA), please contact Sonja Plesset at (617) 258-5103 or splesset@wi.mit.edu.

[Update 5/23/2011: Check out a summary and photos of the event]