Rudolf Jaenisch featured in TIME magazine

In the wake of newly published research on CRISPR gene editing of human embryos, Whitehead Founding Member […]


David Page talks human genome on WGBH radio

Whitehead Director David Page spoke with WGBH radio about the significance of the sequencing of the human […]


Whitehead Member Jing-Ke Weng named a Searle Scholar

Whitehead Institute Member Jing-Ke Weng is among 15 young scientists nationwide to be named a 2015 Searle […]


Biologists identify brain tumor weakness

Biologists at Whitehead Institute and MIT have discovered a vulnerability of brain cancer cells that could be […]


CRISPR-Cas genome editing of Candida albicans holds promise for overcoming deadly fungal infections

By modifying the CRISPR-Cas genome editing system, Whitehead Institute researchers are now able to manipulate Candida albicans’ […]


Whitehead to host Girls Advancing in STEM Conference in April

Whitehead Institute, Greenwich Academy, and the GAINS Network will co-host the Girls Advancing in STEM Conference, April 12-14, […]


Age discrimination during cell division maintains the ‘stem’ in stem cells

A team of Whitehead Institute scientists has discovered that during division, stem cells distinguish between old and […]


Register for CampBio 2015– A Summer Science Program for Middle School Students at Whitehead Institute

Inquisitive by nature? Fascinated by living things and how they work? Join Science from Scientists and Whitehead […]