Human lung cells were infected with influenza A virus. In unmodified cells (left) and cells expressing an irrelevant VHH control (middle), influenza A virus genome segments decorated with nucleoprotein NP (green) accumulate in the nucleus (blue), where virus replciation takes place. If expressed in cells, the antiviral VHH 508 (right) prevents nuclear import of viral genomes. Cells expressing VHH are stained in red.

Tiny alpaca-derived antibodies point to targets preventing viral infection

Whitehead Institute scientists have determined how to use alpaca-derived, single-domain antibody fragments (also called VHHs or nanobodies) […]


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As a fully independent research institute and non-profit organization, Whitehead Institute relies significantly on philanthropy to maintain […]

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Save the Date: October 15 – Whitehead Colloquium

Save the Date! We are delighted to announce that the 2016 Whitehead Colloquium will be held on […]

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The gap between fundamental research and clinical trials is shorter than ever, which makes for an exciting […]

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Save the Date: September 22 in NYC

Please save the date for a special presentation and networking reception on Thursday, September 22 at 6:00 […]

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Whitehead Members Hidde Ploegh and David Sabatini Elected to National Academy of Sciences

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (May 3, 2016) – The National Academy of Sciences announced today that Whitehead Institute’s Hidde Ploegh […]

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Reimagining Genetics: 2016 Whitehead Symposium

The 2016 Whitehead Symposium Reimagining Genetics: New Views on Heart, Brain & Autoimmune Diseases Friday, May 6, […]